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Born and raised in Denver, Colorado I grew up loving school! I was fortunate to have both parents & two sets of grandparents who encouraged me to try many different activities outside of school.  I learned quickly that I enjoy quite a variety of activities! I know I can connect with any child on some interest level since I was blessed with having a wide range of experiences. I'm married to Allan, have 4 grandchildren, 1 niece, and 1 nephew. 

For over 20 years, I have taught grades 1-8 in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  I completed my Bachelors degree at Colorado State University and Elementary Licensure Program and Masters degree at University of New Mexico.


Living & Learning come from Doing - not merely listening, reading, or testing!  Learn Something New Every Day!

Are you a great tutor or do you know one?  We're looking for tutors who are passionate about making learning fun!