Utilizing your student's academic records, standardized test reports, student and parent interviews as well as additional assessments, we can evaluate your students strengths and identify areas that need development so that your student is able to achieve age/grade appropriate skills & expectations.

Then, we'll use his/her strengths and areas of interest to develop those skills with fun, engaging and relevant strategies.

Test Taking Skills/Confidence


Strengths/Needs Assessment

Does your student seem to know their stuff, but then perform poorly on tests?  Sometimes this can be due to poor reading comprehension skills.  Other times, it is a matter of anxiety.  We can help your student learn test taking strategies that can improve performance, decrease anxiety and increase confidence.  In some cases, the student needs specific test accommodations which we can recommend.

Innovative Learning Connections provides a variety of academic support services to help your child succeed.

Has your student been diagnosed with a particular learning disability or do you suspect she or he needs special education or accommodations?  We can help you navigate the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and 504 Plan process and help you advocate for your child's specific needs.

IEP/504 Plan Consulting